Custom Finisher Medals!
You might get body-marked by an Ironman World Champion and world record holder!
You can race barefoot if you want to save time.

Download the ROAD CLOSURE Map

If you are a member of a host pool, you will see a checkbox during the registration for you to indicate you are a member. A discount will be applied to your registration.

Lucky Coin Multisport LLC's mission is to build interest in triathlon with the young athlete community. We have four races planned for this summer. Our current plan is to host four age groups at each of the races ranging in age from 6-15. Registration is open for all four races races. The more races you register for, the greater the discount per race. A youth USA Triathlon membership ($10) is required to register.

IMPORTANT: We are making changes to the race distances and courses this year to make it easier for the athletes to complete the correct number of loops of each discipline. There is more information on our calendar page about our distances and the distances suggested by USA Triathlon.

It is our primary goal to put together first class events that are both fun for the participants as well as their families. Volunteers make events like this possible. Please consider volunteering, no past triathlon experience is required.