When are the next races?

Our event calendar is listed here

What is the refund policy?

Lucky Coin Multisport does not refund entry fees if the participant withdraws. If the event is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions, we are unable to refund your entry fee but will defer it to one of the next two races we offer. If we cancel the race for any reason other than weather, we will refund your entry fee and service charge but not your USAT annual membership fee. If weather conditions or equipment malfunction require the pool be closed, we will run a duathlon of the remaining two disciplines.

What should we do to prepare for the race?

Here are some suggestions to give your athlete some confidence if they need it or to prepare them to finish without a piano on their backs.

  • Get some swimming in if you are not on a summer league team. All strokes are aceptable but freestyle is the stroke of preference for most.
  • If your young athlete can get a few bike rides in each week, I suggest getting at least the full race distance in at least once per week. On the other days, light riding around will suffice.
  • Try to get in one run the length of your race run. Then one or two shorter runs per week.
  • Try to explain pacing to your athletes. Explain to them it isn't a bike race, they have to run after they bike. Inexperienced triathletes of all ages have trouble with pacing. Going a little slower on the bike will benefit the run greatly.
What are the rules of the course?

The Stratford course is fairly straight forward.

All of this information will be covered in the athlete briefing prior to the start of the race.

After exiting the swim portion of the race, follow instructions from volunteers to the transition area where you will prepare for the bike leg. Helmets ARE required. If your athlete does not have a helmet, they will NOT be permitted to start the bike leg.

After getting ready for the ride, your athlete will walk their bike out of the transition area to the "Bike Mount" line. They will not be permitted to get on their bike until they reach the mount line.

Keep to the LEFT on the bike ride and follow cones and instructions from volunteers and police officers. 

After finishing the bike leg, they will re-enter the transition area after dismounting at the "Dismount line." They will walk their bikes to the rack, make any clothing changes they desire and then follow markings or instructions to the "Run Out."

Please be sure to tell your athlete how many laps they must complete on the bike and the run. The run is a right turn out of the parking lot. They will run around the block making a right turn back to transition after completing the appropriate number of laps.

Do you have any tips or pointers for first timers?

Bring a towel to dry off. Wear a shirt and shorts, don’t wear a shirt and shorts, it is your call. You must wear a helmet on the bike. Wear socks or don’t. The more you put on, the longer it will take you in transition. If your goal is to go as fast as you can, less is faster. Tie your shoes tight enough you can run in them but loose enough you can slide them on without dealing with the laces.

You are required to wear you bib (number) during the BIKE and RUN. If you are planning to do the whole race in your swim suit, I suggest getting a race belt (like this) so you can put your number on quickly. If you want to wear a shirt or shorts and not purchase a race belt, attach your bib to you shirt or shorts before the race starts.