As we did last year, we are having one set of distances for the 6-8 and 9-10 age groups and another set of distances for the 11-12 and 13-15 age groups. Distances suggested by USA Triathlon (USAT) are below. Designing two course distances using the same routes is a challenge so we are not always able to get the numbers exactly where USAT suggests however we try to balance the overall effort/difficulty in the other disciplines.

NOTE: Please review the distances below before signing your child up. We strive for this to be a positive experience for all our participants. Our goal at every race is to have no "Did Not Finish" (DNFs). Please also review the course maps on this page once they are posted.

Lucky Coin Multisport Series Distances

6-10 Year-olds Swim (meters / lengths) Bike (miles / loops) Run (miles / loops)
Stratford 50 / Two 1.45 / One .55 / One
Waynewood 50 / Two 1.40 / One 0.75 / One
Riverside Gardens 50 / Two 1.10 / One 0.70 / One
Mount Vernon Park 50 / Two 1.10 / One .75 / One
11-15 Year-olds Swim (meters / lengths) Bike (miles / loops) Run (miles / loops)
Stratford 150 / Six 4.35 / Three 1.10 / Two
Waynewood 150 / Six 4.20 / Three 1.50 / Two
Riverside Gardens 150 / Six 4.40 / Four 1.40 / Two
Mount Vernon Park 150 / Six 4.20 / Four 1.50 / Two


USAT Suggested Youth Distances

  Swim (meters / lengths) Bike (miles) Run (miles)
6-10 Year-olds 75 / Three 2.0 - 2.5 1
11-15 Year-olds 150 / Six 4.0 - 5.0 2.25 - 3.0




June 18, 2023
Race Start:
9:00 AM
Age Groups:
2300 Brinitzer Way, Alexandria, VA 22308

We will be hosting the annual Lucky Coin Multisport Youth Triathlon at Stratford Recreation Association on June 18, 2023.

Pool swim of the appropriate distance in a 25 meter pool followed by a five turn out and back ride, mostly on Stockton Parkway. With only five turns (plus turnaround) on the single loop course and three turns (per loop) on the 1-3 loop run course, this course is great for beginners. The ride is followed by a mostly flat sidewalk run around the block, one or three loops depending on the athlete’s age.

We hope to see our returning athletes as well as lots of new faces.


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